About - Jerome Rietveld

Stop wasting time, get the body you want

  • Are you a guy who has toiled away in the gym and not seen the results you wanted?
  • Want to feel more confident with your shirt off?
  • Want to save yourself time and get results quickly?
  • Lack the know how to turn your body from average to super hero strong?

I’m confident YOU can make massive changes to your physique without compromising your work, food tastes and social life.

Massive changes that will help you feel more confident with your shirt off, attract the opposite sex and make your other half proud! Why am I so confident in you? Well here’s my story…

I used to be a skinny kid, the gym was my ticket to a bigger, better physique although it didn’t quite pan out. I worked so hard in the gym but not much changed.

It wasn’t until I became qualified and learnt my trade that I saw results. I got bigger and as my rugby become more serious I only wanted that to continue, and it did.

After a few years injury struck me down. No longer able to play rugby but sitting at a soft 103kg, I wanted to get rid of my gut and feel more confident. Years gone by trying to get lean for the summer had been a failure, I ate what I thought was a ‘clean’ diet but just couldn’t shift the fat.

Thankfully this time I had a degree and a good grasp on nutrition. Using the principles I learned and eating the foods I enjoy, I slimmed down to a lean 92kg whilst maintaining the muscle and strength I’d worked so hard for.

So how is this relevant to YOU? Well I’ve spent a lot of time gaining muscle and burning fat, I’ve enjoyed the confidence boosts that come with both.

That process now helps my clients, people like you, to build a physique YOU can be proud of and the opposite sex can get their hands on! You can short circuit my journey, learn from my mistakes and use my knowledge to get the physique your hard work deserves.

My transformation packages provide EVERYTHING you need, drawing upon thousands of hours of training experience and nutritional knowledge to get you the body you want.

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