7 Things I’ve Learned In My First Year Of Online Training

I got my first online personal training client in September 2016, since then I’ve worked with a grand total of 102 people in an online capacity.

That is far more people than I could have worked with in-person so it’s given me an opportunity to learn lots about my craft, behaviour change and people in general.

About 90% of those clients have been males who are unhappy with their physiques, some of them we completely transformed, others we helped them start a positive change, others didn’t manage to change and are probably still right where they started.

So here’s 7 things I learned from a year of online personal training.

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An Idiots Guide- 7 Steps To Getting Shredded This Summer

I don’t know about you but i’m kind of bored of hearing all the marketing bullshit about special fat loss programmes, supplements, detoxes etc. Getting lean and losing fat isn’t actually complicated at all, it’s not easy but it IS simple.

So I’m going to break this down into 7 simple steps you can take that are stupidly simple and easy to understand….did I mention it’s simple?

It’s the basics of what I would do with a new client that would get them 90% of their results, you can look at the last 10% once you’ve nailed the following…

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7 Ways To Spot a Fitness Scammer

A big thing I hear from the guys I work with is, who the hell do I listen to?

There’s so much information on the internet, so many different people recommending different things.

How do you know if someone’s putting out quality information?

​​Who should you trust?

It’s difficult but there’s a couple of different things to look for that’l help you listen to the right guys/girls and avoid the clowns and scam artists

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How Matt Lost Fat and Gained Muscle At The Same Time

Gaining musle while losing fat or ‘recomping’ can be a polorizing subject.

Some say it is absolutely impossible, if there is no energy surplus, how can new muscle be formed?

While others say it is absolutely possible, even for well trained subjects.

In my opinion it’s based on the individual, the more experienced you are the LESS likely any muscle gains in calorie deficit are.

However, many guys who have done less weight training or are coming back after a long lay off,  CAN and should expect to do both at the same time.

Take for example one of my online clients Matt. We’ve been working together since October.

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4 Training Tips To Maximise Muscle Gainz

Lift weights, get big.

If only it was that simple, and it is if you’ve never done it before. Beginners can see some impressive gains from pretty much any programme.

However once you’ve gone beyond that initial stage, it helps to know HOW you build muscle beyond just moving heavy stuff around.

So here’s 4 muscle building pillars of information that’l help you maximise your training for more muscle and less time wasted.

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Never Have Time To Cook? Read This

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or get in shape, i’m sure you’re aware that the food you eat week on week will have a central influence on whether you are successful or not.

Most people know this but yet I hear the same responses whenever I ask why people can’t put this into practice…

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